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Our Stories

I’m Sam/Sammy and here’s my story…… Mom was vacationing in New Mexico in 1997 and found me when I was quite small. She fell in love with me…….which didn’t surprise me at all. She named me Sam (Sammy), as I was so young she wasn’t sure if I’d be a Samantha or a Sam………I think I have a brilliant Mom!!!!!! 🙂

When her vacation was over, she bought me a collar, a leash and a carrier box and put me in the pickup truck in the passenger seat and headed back to South Texas (600+ miles) with me. She would stop every hour to hour and a half and put the leash on me and take me for a walk…..what a good Mom I had found!!!!!

Hi, I’m Andy and here’s my story…….Mom and Sam spent 6 months in Arizona in 2000, with a friend that was ill. One morning she found me on a busy street in Mesa, Arizona, and rescued me. I weighed 9 OUNCES and barely had my eyes open. She immediately took me in and fed me with Mother’s Replacement Milk….with an eyedropper at first and later with a doll’s baby bottle. Being so small she had no idea whether I was a he/she, but named me Little Orphan Annie…..well, as time progressed it was confirmed that I wasn’t an Annie…..Andy was quite similar in sound to Annie, so I became Andy. I also think I have a really smart Mom!!!!!!!!

When Mom returned to South Texas, I went with her and Sam in the cab of the truck……and have lived with the two of them very happily ever since.

Several years ago when our Mom got ill and had lotza hospitalizations and several operations, we all moved in with the other humans we love……our “sister” and “nieces”. When “mom” went to Ireland for a year to recuperate after all the trauma she had gone through for those terrible two years, we stayed with our “sister” and “nieces.” Mom came back the summer of 2007, and the six of us have been together ever since.

We are both getting a little older, just like our Mom, but we all three love ALL cats, so maintain this blog….we will appear at times, but so will lots of other furries.

Thanks for taking the time to visit.


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  1. June 26, 2009 10:21 am

    Hi Sam and Andy – I too think that your Mom is great!
    I’m also so glad and thank God that she is well again and that you are such a happy family!
    I enjoy reading all about you!
    Please give a hug to your Mom and here’s a big tickle for your tummies! 🙂

  2. Peggy(luvcats) permalink
    June 26, 2009 2:10 pm

    You all told your fantastic story very well.
    Wish you all a long life & happiness always.

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