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Busy Caturday

August 15, 2009

Andy and I have gotten all rested up after his birthday,

so today I’m catching up on some light reading

Sam reading

Andy says he’s going to watch a movie….

if he can decide which one to watch…

sometimes he just can’t make decisions!!!!!!

Andy DVD

We are very concerned about our Auntie Deb

over at Taylor CatSSSSS and are purraying

that she will soon be well…we love you.

We both wish everyone a wonderful Caturday.

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  1. August 15, 2009 10:30 am

    Brandy is sleeping her Caturday away….:-)

  2. August 15, 2009 10:39 am

    You have both such a beautiful laser eyes,
    they are very special :))
    Happy Caturday !!

  3. August 15, 2009 11:55 am

    You both look extra handsome today! Our Mom is going to a wedding, so we have a lot of snoozing to do today too!

  4. August 15, 2009 6:06 pm

    We love it when people read. It is fun to jump in a book, but is even more fun to nose dive in a big newspaper!

  5. August 16, 2009 10:53 am

    Glad you is all rested after all that partying!

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